Hand and Power Tools

We are proud to stock a wide range of hand and power tools from the industry's leading brands such as Bosch, Faithfull, Senco, Vitrex, Marshall Town, Stanley, Irwin and many more. Please note that this is a small selection of the products we stock in branch, so if you don't see what you're looking for,

use the query form to contact us.

Hand Tools:                                         Power Tools:

-Saws                                                  -Plunge Saw       

-Hammers                                          - Circular Saw     

-Trowels                                             - Mitre Saw

-Screw drivers                                    - Grinder                        

-Chisels+Files                                    - Impact Drill

-Utility + Folding Knives                    - Combi Driver

-Clamps                                             - Planer

-Sliding Bevels                                   - Laser Level

-Hammer Tackers                               - First + Second Fix Nail Gun



- Drill Bits

- Cutting Blades